Meu querido abismo
Livro publicado pela Darkside Books em 2020, em parceria com Raphael Gancz.
Os olhos secaram
Papercraft para a matéria "E os olhos secaram...", para a edição de Abril de 2016 da revista Saúde é Vital.
Safety of women journalists
Article 19 London commissioned for illustrating 6 reports about the conditions of women journalists around the world. There were reports from Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.
Saúde! Magazine, Spermogram Art direction: Letícia Raposo & Laura Louise Luduvig // Photo: Dulla
Zoo Animals
Polar Animals
Article 19
Article 19 London commissioned me for two illustrations about big tech. The business models of large social media platforms rely on capturing our attention and selling it to advertisers; their algorithms are designed to keep us engaged for as long as possible – including by amplifying problematic content like hate speech and disinformation.
Paper Maze
Latam São Paulo
Paper Objects
For several books, Editora Moderna
The Coolest City
The brazilian artists Mariana Coan and Galeria Experiência were invited to show a little bit from the coolest city in the world for Superinteressante magazine. Illustrator: Mariana Coan Video and photography: Galeria Experiência
Uol Finanças
Papercraft para Uol, direção de arte de Juliana Caro.
Galileu magazine asked me to build a huge bacteria and other props for an editorial piece. Photos: StudioOz Photography
For several medias, between 2008-2014
Find the beast!
Postcard book
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